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Protecting the environment is a responsibility obligation and challenge that we the team of OLIVES EXPEDITIONS consider our biggest aim. Traveling with OLIVES EXPEDITIONS means promoting ecotourism and active nature conservation since in accordance with our philosophy parts of our profits directly go into our environmental and social projects. Not only flora and fauna gain through our work but naturally the people as well. In addition to the amazing flora and fauna and breath-taking sceneries, Africa’s most valuable tourist asset is its people. They are hospitable, live simply, love life and get the most out of it- happiness. When you travel with OLIVES EXPEDITIONS, you are Welcomed, Involved and Satisfied. We assure you of the fact that much as you come in as a visitor, you leave as a friend!

Traveling with OLIVES EXPEDITIONS therefore is active nature conservation and supports development at the same time.

We operate with the following philosophy in all our Safaris:

Exclusivity – Your tour is entirely yours. You will not share any visit or safari or drive or cruise or guide with other tourists, except when it is absolutely not possible. We would like you to feel “on your own in nature” wherever you go….

Guides – We believe that good guides make a world of difference! Throughout the tour, you will find our guides to be professional, knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, courteous, and well acquainted. Our guides also expose you to the local rangers in the national parks who know where to spot the wildlife and enjoy sharing. We bet you will stamp our guides as the best you will have ever met before in any safari!

Wildlife and Nature – While on tour with us you are guaranteed to see a diversity of wildlife and landscapes. You will see a variety of mammals and birds in a beautiful natural environment, also helping you to appreciate nature the more…

Ethics – We have strong ethics and respect the ethics of our visitors and tourists. Our staff, guides and drivers share the same. We believe in respecting the culture of people and their customs, and in respecting the natural environment.

Local Ugandans – Ugandans are known worldwide for being very friendly and hospitable. Your meeting the local Ugandan people is important to us. We make it possible for you to interact with the locals either in a touristic or non-touristic way (where there is no set-up for tourists) depending on your desire. You will love the interaction with people of different cultures and customs. You will also interact with people from the other East African countries depending on where your tour leads you to.

Flexibility – You can enjoy your private tour by being able to add some flexibility in the course of the day depending on your findings, and on the places you hear about when talking to people. Of course this flexibility will remain within reason, but be sure that you will not find our guides or drivers to be the “we can’t go there because it’s not in the programme” type!

Professional Organization and Logistics – We are a Ugandan and international tour operator. You will therefore have the best local and international experience with us, with well-organized local and international logistics. Your tour will not only be memorable to you, but will also run smoothly without problems for you to sort out in the field. From the time you book your safari with us, we will discuss all the safari details beforehand, and then all we will have decided together will be accurately communicated by us to the drivers and guides so that you don’t have to care about it anymore during the tour. We make sure that all the permits (e.g. gorilla, chimpanzee trekking, etc.), park entrances, accommodation and food, transport and much more are secured beforehand as per your interests. We also boast of out good relationship with the Uganda Tourism Board, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ugandan government, the National Park Wardens and Keepers. These great relationships come in handy when we are hit by a problem and also for the smooth running of all our safaris.

Itinerary – Whether you need a tailor made or a packaged safari, you will appreciate our itineraries. Our itineraries depend on what we believe is the best to do according to our travel philosophy and according to our vast experience of the entire East African region (and also on what is feasible or not). We avoid itineraries where you will be spending too much time in a place of little interest or too little time in a place where there would be much to do and see…

Quotations and terms of payment - Our quotations are all inclusive. They will include costs such as your transport while on tour, boat rides, drivers, guides, entrance fees, fuel, accommodation, meals, bottled drinking water, taxes, permits, etc, but of course not alcoholic drinks, international flights (unless on special arrangement), or personal items you would like to purchase. Our quotations will usually be in dollars and our terms of payment are clearly stated too.

Thank you once again for your interest in traveling with OLIVES EXPEDITIONS.

Enjoy our expeditions!

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