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Dubai Expo 2020

The World EXPO is absolutely worthy of its reputation as one of the world’s largest as well as the oldest global events. Its genesis goes back to more than 165 years when the first World EXPO (The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations) took place in London’s Hydel Park in 1851.

Started out as an event to showcase the most cutting-edge inventions and innovations, the six-month long EXPO has now become more of a large-scale international platform which invites all nations across the world to share their ideas, promote cultural exchange and of course discuss about the recent innovations and achievements in scientific, architecture, and technology related fields.

Held once in every five year with a brand-new theme each time, its venue, date and all other aspects are determined by the intergovernmental organization – Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) in Paris. After the World EXPO 2015 in Milan (Italy), the whole world is now looking forward to its much bigger and grander version with Dubai Expo 2020.

What is EXPO 2020?

Following the submission of the bid to host the World EXPO with the BIE, Dubai won it hands down with an incredible majority of 116 votes, thus beating out other significant contender cities in the bidding list, such as Turkey’s Izmir, Russia’s Yekaterinburg, and Brazil’s Sao Paulo. Dubai was finalized as the venue of EXPO 2020 at the 2013 general assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions in Paris.

With EXPO 2020, Dubai will become the first nation in the MENASA (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia) region to host this prestigious event. Its main theme is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ and includes sub-themes such as Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility. More than 190 nations have already announced its participation in this mega event. As one of the longest-running events, it will last for six months.

New Dates
Dubai EXPO 2020 was earlier planned to start from 20th October 2020 to 10th April 2021. But in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, it has been rescheduled to 2021, with new dates from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022.

Things You Should Know About EXPO 2020 Dubai

Here are some interesting facts about Dubai EXPO which will give you an idea of its sheer magnitude and importance. After all, it’s touted as the third largest global event after FIFA World Cup and Olympics.

• More than 25 million international visitors will travel to Dubai during the duration of the EXPO 2020.

• 2020 is a year of double delight for Dubai; besides hosting EXPO 2020, it also celebrates the emirate’s 50th Birthday.

• The main EXPO 2020 venue is a super massive site, namely, Dubai South, and this measures a whopping 438 hectares.

• The event’s three sub theme districts collectively occupy an area of 222,000 square meters and this equates to more than the area of Grand Central Station in New York City.

• With a huge dome and complete with parks, fountains and waterfalls, Al Wasl Plaza is the focal point of Dubai EXPO. This dome also serves as a 360 degree screen as the night falls.

• Interestingly, the logo of EXPO 2020 has been chosen by HH Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and its design takes after an ancient ring discovered from the archaeological site that dates back to over 4000 years.

• As an exclusive metro station is being developed for the event, there will be dedicated trains which can transport 45000 plus passengers per hour in every route.

• In order to cater to the heavy influx of visitors, there will be over 100,000 hotel rooms by 2020.

• The EXPO 2020 site will contain four gates and each of them can cater to over 15000 people per hour.

• As a result of EXPO 2020, Dubai’s economy is expected to boost by over 10%. It will also attract significant foreign investments of over $150 Million, mainly in the region’s key sectors including tourism, hospitality etc.

• With an investment of over 25 billion dirhams, it is all set to revamp and strengthen the city’s infrastructure. This also creates close to 300,000 jobs in various sectors.

190 Country Pavilions in Expo 2020 Dubai
This is great as the number of countries now participating in the event has exceeded the original figure of 180 as stated in Dubai’s bid for EXPO 2020. It will not only be the biggest ever event to take place in the Arab region, but also the first ever EXPO where all nations will have its own pavilion. The pavilions’ design and development will reflect the EXPO’s three sub themes.

As each nation is on track to display its greatest achievements including scientific, cultural and architectural feats, the event will certainly live up to its main theme, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating Future.’ And the bonus is that this gives you the rare opportunity to experience the whole world right here in Dubai.

Attractions in EXPO 2020

As the whole world is set to descend upon Dubai during EXPO 2020, this city of superlatives has declared a roster of high-profile projects featuring jaw-dropping futuristic architecture and top-notch facilities. This ensures a wide array of leisure, shopping and entertainment options to suit all types of visitors. Some of them have already been completed and opened, while the development of others is underway at an incredible speed. And this list includes but not limited to:

• Aladdin City

• Dubai Water Canal

• Al Habtoor City

• Museum of the Future

• Jewel of the Creek

• Bluewaters Island with Dubai Eye

• Dubai Parks and Resorts

• Deira Islands

• Dubai Creek Harbour

• Dubai Frame

Events in EXPO 2020 Dubai
The EXPO going to take place in Dubai will be the largest of its kind in the history of World Expo. Beyond unmatched and immense business possibilities, Dubai EXPO 2020 has so much to offer, ensuring something for everyone. This ranges from cool live performances featuring the greatest of talents to high end entertainment shows including fashion shows and digital theater to events exclusively designed for tech freaks, inventors, artistes etc.

There are some amazing surprises for your little ones too; let them indulge in incredible gaming activities or join sessions on 3-D printing or participate in the one-of-its-kind workshops that allow them to create their own robots. Moreover, this event is a real treat for both culture and culinary enthusiasts, as it gives them the chance to explore the diverse flavors and traditions of different parts of the world.

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October 1st 2021 - March 31st 2022

Saudi Pavallion
Saudi Pavallion

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UAE Pavillion
UAE Pavillion

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Saudi Pavallion
Saudi Pavallion

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Opportunity, mobility and sustainability

Unlocking the potential to shape the future. Enabling the smarter movement of knowledge, ideas and goods. And finding new ways to preserve the planet. The subthemes of Expo 2020 Dubai open doors to conversation and action that will help create a better world.

Mobility Pavallion
Mobility Pavallion

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UK Pavallion

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Mobility Pavallion
Mobility Pavallion

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What to expect at Expo 2020 Dubai

Each day of the 173 days of Expo 2020 Dubai is filled with new experiences that showcase the best the world has to offer. Flavours, cutting-edge technology, arts and culture – spread across 438 hectares (1,083 acres) of the most innovative landscapes never seen before.

A warm welcome to the world

The world’s greatest show is happening in Dubai, bringing together 190 countries in one place for 173 days of creativity, collaboration and innovation.

As Premier travel agents of Expo 2020, we’re looking forward to welcoming the world to Dubai with warm hospitality at its finest.

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