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Aruu falls

Aruu Falls are cascading streams of roaring waterfalls offering a thrilling unforgettable and adventurous. Aruu falls is located in Northern Uganda on the Gulu – Kitgum highway, 47 Km from Gulu and 57 Km from Kitgum and about 386 Km from Kampala the capital city. 

There are no better falls in the whole world that offers up-close adrenaline rushing great picture moments and memories like these beautiful falls. This one day trip will get you visiting these falls and also a tour to the Rhino sanctuary. Given the fact that Rhinos are emong the most endangered animals, this sanctuary keeps them safe and protects these beautiful beasts of the wild from extinction.


Duration: 2 day

Location: Gulu

Availability: On

price: $93/ UGX 353,400 Per Person


Highlights of your Aruu falls trip


  • Travel to Gulu

  • Visit Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary

  • Nature walks

  • Beautiful sceneries along the road

  • Visit Aruu falls

  • One night Stay in Gulu

  • Travel back to Kampala

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