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Where do we begin? The beginning of course, last weekend we had a beautiful trip to Jinja, amidst some falls, we still managed to get back to our feet stronger. Jinja is found on the eastern part of Uganda and it's known for its beautiful calm people, food and major tourist sites and activities. It’s a super ideal place for a one day or weekend getaway to chill and have fun with family or your partner. Yes, we are into this business to sell to you happiness plus plus! Jinja is famously known for one of the top tourist attraction spots in the world which are the River Nile and the Source of the Nile is found in Jinja from where it begins its long journey till Egypt

Itanda falls

also includes the Itanda falls which are a major rafting spot for the water rafting lovers, since Bujagali is no more, activities shifted to this side. There are many bird species at the Nile including the famously known King Fisher, a super fisher it is. More activities happening on the Nile include tubing the Nile where you sit on round tubes filled with air while wearing a life jacket and all you do is float on the River Nile in the Direction the water is taking, another super fan activity and Bungee jumping.

Tubing the Nile

Out of the Nile, there are the famously known Quad bikes, four-tire bikes appropriate for anyone to ride and my oh my, these bikes are so interesting to ride especially on a rainy day.

Quad bikes in Jinja

Before you leave any tourist spot, please support the businesses you find there, buy some souvenirs and take back home or for someone from those that sell these crafts, we managed to buy a few just for the Jinja memories.

Craft shop in Jinja

Jinja is a small beautiful town with lots of many resorts and hotels that offer great services but we had our stay at Hotel Paradise Jinja strategically located near the source of the Nile, and at this hotel, their services are just wow. Ample parking, nice clean rooms following Ministry of Health SOPs, restaurant, gym, swimming pool, board room, literary everything you would need, their meals are super delicious and if you are to stay there, watch out for their breakfast because it’s a buffet, for foodies, they got you sorted.

Breakfast in Hotel Paradise

It's very affordable to stay at Hotel Paradise and you can get in touch with us for a beautiful Jinja expedition with a nice comfortable stay at this hotel, book your trips with us today or recommend us to any person you know willing to travel and you shall not walk away empty-handed.


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