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Canada wants immigrants and immigrants want Canada.

You only have to read the headlines to know that we live in an unsettled world. There are economic hardships in Latin America, labor strikes and immigration debates across Europe, and border issues in the United States and unemployment in Africa.

It is no wonder that Canada has become the country of choice for immigrants in recent years.

And Canada is more than happy to welcome new people as the country is planning to attract 350,000 immigrants each year by 2021.


Canada strongly believes that people with different backgrounds and their contributions to the society can only make the country stronger. But Canada also needs more workers with various skill sets to help its economy reach its full potential.

If you want to move to Canada, now is the perfect time to start seriously plan. People see Canada as a place where they can live a good life and meet their own personal potential.

However, to immigrate here, it’s not enough just to say that their home country is in political or economic turmoil. The requirements for immigrating to Canada are primarily based on people’s willingness and ability to contribute to the economy.

“When people come to us asking for information, we make sure they meet proper age and education requirements,” as we Olives Expeditions explains to them, adding that Canada Directly helps candidates with filing the original application as well as submitting all necessary documents for permanent residency.

“There are things that the Canadian government asks of the potential immigrant. It works on a points system and we help people get the required number of points. For instance, everyone, even if they are native speakers, has to take an English proficiency test. We help them prepare. We let them know which documents they need and how to bring them up to Canadian standards. If you are able to apply to multiple programs, we help you too. So click the contacts button and get in touch with us today and let’s get you started on the steps to move to Canada.

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