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Its time to start planning to travel again. Here are the 13 countries that have officially announced when they will start tourist Visa issuance.

Remember, remember, at the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, most countries, if not all, closed their boarders and barred any incoming and outgoing travels, stay at home orders were then rolled out, talk about what you see in movies coming to fruition. Countries banned travel from people who had visited the high-risk countries that had gotten enlisted, its now over two months of staying at home and fighting the pandemic, lots of countries have made lots of progress and business is slowly returning to normal. Just in case you were wondering, here are the 13 countries that have announced when they will start tourist Visa processing.

Read the table below carefully and plan accordingly.

As soon as these dates commence, even before, here at Olives Expeditions, we are already operational on a full force scale for all those who are ready to travel or whoever had a travel plan to the above slated countries. In addition, be reminded that there are state of the art medical facilities and SOPs at Airports and in Airplanes, there is absolutely nothing to fear for those worried about COVID19. Otherwise let’s maintain social distancing and measures as advised by WHO in-order to overcome this tough time.

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