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Want to Travel? It's never been about just money.

Updated: May 16, 2020

Lots of people ask when I do work because most of the time I am in a whole different country of city. Most of my friends ask how I am actually able to get the money I use while travelling…. Interesting.

So, what’s the number one thing that holds back people from traveling. The near-universal answer?


This is something I hear from everyone I talk to: “Evans, I simply don’t have enough money to travel.”

This problem — and how to overcome it — is my most asked question. I have answered this question in a plethora of posts, emails, tweets, and Facebook posts. Long-term readers might even be getting sick of me discussing this subject because it is one I talk about so much. But I know no matter how often I address this question, it will come up again.

Since this question comes up so often, I like to constantly remind people of this fact:

You do not need to be rich to travel.

Let’s repeat that.

You do not need to be rich to travel cheaply.

There are plenty of ways to travel cheap or for free. There are plenty of ways to travel around the world when you have no money if you’re willing to be creative.


The Ultimate Guide to ‘your budget’ Travel

Traveling the world with no money sounds like a distant dream, an impossible dream. But it is possible, and you can do it responsibly without breaking the bank. It should be said that there are some expenses you shouldn’t compromise on (like travel insurance) but there are tons of ways you can travel the world on a budget — including plenty of ways you can actually travel for free.

In this blog, I’m going to show you two things:

1. How to travel cheap

2. How to travel for free

Wondering what the difference is?

Traveling cheap is all about taking advantage of helpful apps and websites that save you money, finding ways to lower your expenses, and even making money as you travel (Sounds unreal but I am actually paid to travel, hit the contact tab for further details). It’s about finding value and lowering your expenses while still being able to afford to do what you want.

Traveling for free entails taking advantage of free accommodation, transportation, and activities that are already out there and reducing your cost to zero. Here you sacrifice comfort and convenience to extend your travels as long as possible.

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right budget and the right mindset, you can make your travel dreams a reality. Even if you don’t earn a lot or you have debt, there are still plenty of ways to go overseas. They may not be fancy or luxurious, but if travel is your priority then you can definitely make it happen!

Ready to kick-start your budget travels and save money? Just click on the contact tab on this web and drop your question or request and boom, you will start a whole new world….. The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page…. Let’s flip the pages..

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