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  • Evans Balikudollar

My Visit To Zanzibar

Updated: May 16, 2020

A 90 minute ferry distance from the Port of Dar El Salaam approximately 100 kms from the mainland lies an amazing Unguja and Pemba Islands commonly known as Zanzibar. Unguja is the biggest of this archipelago. This semi-autonomous Island is predominantly a Muslim land and Kiswahili is widely spoken. The people in this island are amazing and genuinely love guests. You hardly hear stories of theft or fights. These gurus literally live like they ‘arrived’, no pressures, no hurries, no need to panic. Everything here is calm and serene. The land of spices and sugar and coconuts, super-hot temperatures and high humidity will make you sip as much coconut as you possibly can. I did not get enough of the island much as I spent a week on this island I still have to go back and make a dive in these crystal clear super salty waters. Hit the contact button to know what best places you could possibly visit once ready to pack up your bags and goo.

slave market memorial church

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