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Tanzania’s Zanzibar back to tourism amid tough COVID-19 rules.

Zanzibar, the renowned tourism destination is opening its doors again after a period of no activity due to Corona virus pandemic.

Zanzibar’s Minister of Information, Tourism and Heritage Mohamoud Thabit Kombo recently announced that all tourism activities are back with charter and scheduled flights back.

“Zanzibar today has opened its tourism activities to normal both for charter flights and scheduled flights,” Kombo stated in a presser.

From last weekend, most entertainment joints and hotels on the island opened their doors to tourists, something that Kombo confirmed.

However, all tourists entering the country are required to comply with laid down regulations by the government including showing certification that they are COVID-free.

Besides this, the government will screen every visitor entering Zanzibar and has already designated isolation centers to hold those who may show COVID-19 symptoms. Here, they will undergo comprehensive tests.

Zanzibar’s bubbly tourism life shut down on March 20 when the Tanzanian government ordered the closure of hotels, and other joints visited by tourists.

This simply means that you can schedule your visit to Zanzibar easily through Olives Expeditions. Zanzibar is currently practicing the most safest control measures in order for no tourist to get infected with COVID 19.

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