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  • Evans Balikudollar

The untold beauties of Buffalo Safari Lodge

Buffalo Safari Lodge is located near the magical Kazinga channel, 1km off Kasese-Mbarara road. The resort lies in 25 private acres of wilderness, a serene environment full of spectacular flora and fauna – elephant, buffalo, hippo, warthog and many bird species, all at the glance of an eye. We have well experienced staff, eye-catching facilities, with a lounge that gives a spectacular view of the lodge privately owned Lake Rubirizi, Kazinga Channel River, and the world renown Queen Elizabeth Park. Well this is from their website, let me tell you a first hand experience as a resident of Buffalo Safari lodge. Its true what they say, its in the middle of the Park with a very good view from the restaurant that gives you a good view of the buffalos hence the name Buffalo Safari lodge, we landed at the lodge on Friday evening and were well received by the staff, we were the only guests by then, I guess its because of COVID but hey, tourism is back on and now is the best time to visit Uganda and see how beautiful our country is.

A site of the Buffalos at Buffalo lodge

We were escorted to our rooms and I say this vehemently, the rooms are so nice and spacious, a typical safari look and ambiance, the rooms here don’t have Television Sets because remember, you are on a getaway from such, the only thing you will hear and see will be nature in its purest form. The rooms have very beautiful beds, mosquito nets, big enough bathrooms with all the necessities and always be assured of a hot bath or shower.

These guys have the best chefs I think because we had a very sweet dinner, finger licking food. Thereafter, we were escorted back to our respective rooms, notice that I used the verb “escorted”, yes, its because we are in the middle of the game park and at

night, the animals roam freely through the lodge. There are precautions for guests and also guards, the walk ways are lit up with lights to keep the animals away from the guests’ rooms. There has never been a case of an animal attacking a guest because that’s impossible at the lodge.

Now once all of us were saddled in our rooms, the real definition of Buffalo lodge came out, through our windows, you would be able to see Hippos, Elephants and Buffalos too, our colleague, Evans, confirms that he saw a hyena, yet we didn’t see any hyenas during the game drive.

An elephant walking peacefully around the lodge

If you are to walk on the walk ways of Buffalo Lodge, you will notice the big pathways these huge animals use when they are roaming around, Hippos don’t forget their paths and you will get a chance to see them once you are there, and I repeat, it’s a very safe place with very interesting nights that you only see in movies.

A night in buffalo Safari lodge goes for $165 for double occupancy and $140 a single person, all with full board meals. And these are discounted rates due to COVID19.

Some of the rooms in Buffalo Safari Lodge

All rooms are self contained with instant hot water for bathing

So please if you like this article, share with your friends and if you are reading this and want to travel to Queen Elizabeth National park, get in touch with us and let’s make you a memorable trip with a beautiful reception and stay at Buffalo Safari Lodge.

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