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Sipi falls Mbale Trip

Sitting in the foothills of Mt Elgon and overlooking a vast plain, Sipi Falls is arguably the most beautiful chain of waterfalls in all of Uganda. There are three levels, and though the smaller two are beautiful, it is the 95m main drop that attracts visitors to this area, and most of Sipi's accommodation looks out over it. It is well worth spending a night or two in this spectacular yet peaceful place whether it is a part of your Uganda tour or in connection with a climb of the nearby volcano.

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Duration: 3 days

Location: Mbale

Availability: On

price: $459/UGX 1,744,200 Per Person

Highlights of your Sipi falls Mbale trip


  • Travel to Sipi Falls at Mt Elgon

  • Another day at Mt.Elgon visiting caves

  • Nature walks

  • Beautiful sceneries along the road

  • Travel back to Kampala

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