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Uganda is a country gifted by nature, with soils un altered non-fertilizer use free. One of the few countries practicing organic farming. Take a look at some of our organic fertilizer free , non GMO farms and foods.

Organic Apple Bananas

Grown in most parts of the country, mostly Central, Eastern and Western regions

Organic Sorghum

Grown in the Lake Bunyonyi Hills

Sweet potatoes farm

You will find these white and sweet potatoes in our farms in Masaka district

Organic Sweet Potatoes

These purple/red and white skinned sweet potatoes are famously found in areas of Masaka and Mpigi districts

Organic Hass Avocadoes

The longest of shelf life in the avocado family is the Hass. You will love its taste too.

Hass Farm

You will find this massive hass farm in Mayuge district and our demo farm in Masaka


Mountain or Hill beans are Organically grown.


The Ugandan bananas/matooke has no taste like other anywhere in the world.

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